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Liverpool Artists Book Fair June '09

Last weekend was the Liverpool Artists Book Fair at A Foundation. We had a stall there and looked so good! having more new books to sell really made our table look brillant. There were about 9 students who had stock on the table, selling books badges and prints, and we had a good sell (particularly Jat!!)! 

I was there manning the stall on the Sunday,  and Jat the saturday. In comparison to Leeds and Bristol it wasn't very busy, but despite that it was quite successful. There was always a steady stream of people showing interest and buying. Unfortunately this also meant that being the only one to watch the table, i only had a brief chance to have look round. (though that was probably best for my pennies.. we all know I'm a sucker for little cute things, and as usual there was plenty around). But as i said, i did have a chance to have a little look, and i met a few new people there too, as well as catching up with some of the usual crowd. There was some absolutely stunning work there!! It was really inspiring! 

Here are a few pictures from the fair... 


The Fair at A fountation


02 table

our stall 


Karoline Rerrie


Stephen Fowler with a slightly more traditional type of stall this time around. 


Some new faces were a Chiu crew member from the previous years students, Ben Morgan, Who it was lovely to meet. 


Also were these guys from Brickface press, they were selling a zine combining music and art. really nice to chat to as well.


These were some lovely hand made books by a girl called Lucy Wilson. they were really beautifully made. 

You can see more pics from the fair here!! I've also put up the Bristol Fair photos too... a little late i know! haha!

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