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i am sorting things out from the last few months and i will bombard this page with updates very soon!!

things to expect.... mould, minotaurs, and many magnificent miniature mammals... (most likely)

love to you all


Something to inspire :)

Just wanted to share this real nice stuff, lovely ideas!

i particularly like the work of Peter Callesen and Elisa Mora (though anyone who knows me knows i cant resist a good fold or cut of paper! haha)

The work on here by Brian Dettmer, Su Blackwell and Ingrid Siliakus is probably more Artist Book Relevent, but this whole page in general is quite inspiring.



Liverpool Artists Book Fair June '09

Last weekend was the Liverpool Artists Book Fair at A Foundation. We had a stall there and looked so good! having more new books to sell really made our table look brillant. There were about 9 students who had stock on the table, selling books badges and prints, and we had a good sell (particularly Jat!!)! 

I was there manning the stall on the Sunday,  and Jat the saturday. In comparison to Leeds and Bristol it wasn't very busy, but despite that it was quite successful. There was always a steady stream of people showing interest and buying. Unfortunately this also meant that being the only one to watch the table, i only had a brief chance to have look round. (though that was probably best for my pennies.. we all know I'm a sucker for little cute things, and as usual there was plenty around). But as i said, i did have a chance to have a little look, and i met a few new people there too, as well as catching up with some of the usual crowd. There was some absolutely stunning work there!! It was really inspiring! 

Here are a few pictures from the fair... 


The Fair at A fountation


02 table

our stall 


Karoline Rerrie


Stephen Fowler with a slightly more traditional type of stall this time around. 


Some new faces were a Chiu crew member from the previous years students, Ben Morgan, Who it was lovely to meet. 


Also were these guys from Brickface press, they were selling a zine combining music and art. really nice to chat to as well.


These were some lovely hand made books by a girl called Lucy Wilson. they were really beautifully made. 

You can see more pics from the fair here!! I've also put up the Bristol Fair photos too... a little late i know! haha!

Tea fueled and the end of uni...

It's been about a month since my last post, this is terrible i know!!


This has however been the busiest month ever! i had my last ever hand-in's, and my final year exhibition, along with some other events and endless cups of tea in-between, i have been one busy-bee!! but that is no excuse, i know... So to make up for it, here are some sneaky pictures from the Vis-Com Illustration @ BIAD degree show




This is my work up on the wall 




Naomi Porter




Lee Sparks (my Wingman)




My books in the cases 




Lovely Charlotte Vallance and her screen printed books




The Crew and Chiu, results day and the end of uni... but not the end of us! hehe 


more pics from the show here on my Flickr

small pencils...

few more sketches up on Flickr. I've had to re-stock on pencils as most of mine are no bigger than 3 cm... 
Anyway. Couple more zine sketches, as well as a few sketches for my new "Little book of inspiational hair". I think eventually want to screen print the hair book, but i may just stick to photocopies for the zine. 


Live Drawing - Creature @ The Rainbow warehouse 8/5/09

Here are a few pics of me drawing some pretty inspirational hair at our course fundraiser, Creature. was very fun to do, and i suppose a bit of practice for my next book. 



Was a really good night! Loads of really good illustration and design around, and some pretty amazing break dancing too!! i guess that's what's you would expect from a room full of creatives though. 

see more at my Flickr. 
first post, this is my new blog, just to keep you all up to date with what i'm up to etc. 

here are a few images i've been drawing up for a new zine, it's following a brief set by Simon Peplow

zine 12

zine 02

you can see more at my Fickr account. 


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